I've been exactly where you are now.
1.  Having to unbutton your jeans after meals? 
2. Deciding to wear leggings to a party again so    you can be comfortable in your own skin. 
3. Embarrassed to bare in a bikini cause your          belly bloat makes you look pregnant? 
4. Feeling full and hungry at the same time?
You are not alone.  An estimated 20% of the population experience bloat on a daily basis and I was right along with them. I spent years researching and healing my gut and I have created the exact road map needed to prime your gut for optimal digestion.  I help my clients create a daily foundation to reduce bloating, digestive distress and chronic inflammation in the gut. 
With my 6-week program, you do not have to live in leggings anymore. I will walk you through my 6 pillars of of a happy & healthy gut so you can break free from embarrassing bathroom situations and constant bloat. You'll be able to zip and button your jeans and keep them on all day, through every meal! 
I can assist you on your healing journey in just 6 weeks!
Keep reading if you are ready to feel amazing...
I want to meet your right where you are...
  •  You eat healthy: but something is holding you back. You still get bloated after most meals even when they seem like healthy choices.
  •  You're overwhelmed: There are hundreds of diets, blogs, and books out there and it's hard to decide the right one for you.
  •  You've tried other programs with no success: you need support and accountability to keep you on track
  •  You're sick of feeling sick: The constant inflammation is getting to you causing stress and anxiety in other aspects of your life.
  •  You don't know where to start: Taking the  first step is the hardest part... and you are almost there!
Have no fear. I am here to  assist you on your healing journey.
What are you missing?

I know that if you are here you have tried many things without success. Truth is... it's not your fault. There is far too many contradictory beliefs when it comes to gut health. I can assure you that THIS program is what you've been missing.
How do I know?

Because I've tried everything too. It's these very steps and lessons that helped me and my clients find freedom from bloating and enjoy their life again. You are exactly where you need to be to build foundation in a happy and healthy gut lifestyle.
You'll thank yourself later.

How many times have you wanted to commit to a program so you can stop feeling bloated but didn't make the jump? I believe you are HERE for a reason. You may have passed up the other programs but you are in the right place now. You future self will gladly thank you.
I know all of this because I've been there. 
Ten years ago I had a huge moment of clarity. An "aha moment" as I like to call it. (Which is just a fancy way of saying, "I hit rock bottom." Bloated every hour of every day. Feeling unhealthy and lethargic. Chronically tired. It was one night when I was out on a date when I had to leave because I had the worst stomach pains and diarrhea of my life. 

I'm not ashamed to admit it because I know we've all been there!

I felt isolated and alone then too. Like I was the only one thus ever happened too. It put a huge damper on my social life because I didn't want to be anywhere feeling like this but home. It kept me from going to social engagements and parties. To deal with it, I simply sat home and drank wine and smoking cigarettes alone. Typing this now definitely makes it sound like rock bottom. 

Until I decided enough was enough. I sat where you are now, searching for my answer when I came across my Gut Guide that helped me on my healing journey. Once she started me on the very same plan I put together for you, I knew I needed to help others too. I went back to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to study holistic health. I discovered a new world of healing the body through food and self-care as medicine!

I took control of my health!
and you can too!
1.  It's not the right time

Life is always too busy or it's not the right time to start something. This program is set up so you can insert it easily right into your current lifestyle. It also drips lesson by lesson so you do not have to feel overwhelmed with too much information at once.
2. You're afraid you will fail

But what if you fly butterfly? Setting yourself up for thoughts of failure before you even begin is like trying to drive a car without gas. You are the only one who can fill your tank baby!

3. It's not in the budget

What is your best health worth. The price of this program is simply cutting out eating out 1 time a week or not buying a sweater online that you NEED to have. Less than $30 a week will get you total freedom from bloating and digestive distress. No sweater will look as good as this feels. 
How will your life change if you didn't feel bloated everyday?
  •  Shopping and getting dressed will be fun again when you can feel comfortable in them
  •  You'll have tons of confidence and a positive body image
  •  Social situations will be enjoyable again when you don't have to worry about finding a bathroom
  •  Daily anxiety will be a thought of the past when you feel free from your symptoms
  •  Your energy and clarity will guide you to your most fulfilled life
  •  You'll feel comfortable being you in your own skin
Meet Melanie...
Prior to working with me, Melanie experienced many digestive issues and hormonal imbalance. She  started my program and healed so many of her symptoms within a few weeks. She learned to honor her body through her lifestyle and change her diet to support her digestion. Melanie became so interested in the science behind it, she went back to school to become a Nutritional Advisor and is on her way to become a Naturopath!

“I have met with so many nutritionists and functional medicine doctors over the years. The difference in working with Jaclyn is that she really takes the time to educate her clients. She creates programs  built on the foundation of holistic health.  Jaclyn is passionate and her desire to help people is evident in her programs.”
                                                                                                                             — Melanie Mack
Close your eyes and imagine your life free from gut issues.
Here it is!!!
Who is this program for?

  •  any woman wanting to educate herself on holistic health
  •  struggling with bloating everyday
  •  experiencing emergency bathroom issues or constipaiton
  •  chronically fatigued and currently living off coffee and sugar to survive
  •  anxious or overwhelmed with nutrition and lifestyle
  •  experiencing weight loss resistance or yo-yo dieting
How does it work? 
Each week you will receive a new lesson. There will be a 10 minute video, supportive printable PDF documents, and additional steps and tips to get you started. You will focus on that one lesson for that week working through incorporating the small change into your current lifestyle. 
During the week, you will have access to a private Facebook group only for clients that purchase the program. You can use this as your accountability and support. Each  Tuesday, I will hold an accountability meeting there to answer any questions and concerns to help you along the way. 
Throughout the program, you will be prompted to listen to your body and journal your symptoms. This is so by the end of the program, you can be in tune with what your body needs and wants to heal your gut. My goal for you is to achieve the highest health and wellness possible by the end of the 6 weeks.
Here's what you'll get!
My 6 Pillars to a Happy & Healthy Gut:
1. Prep for success
2. Remove Toxins 
3. Choose The Right Foods
4. Build A Healthy Home
5. Give Yourself A Time Out
6. Consistency is Key

Support & Accountability
Online programs can be tough. You feel alone without support and don't want to make the wrong move. That is why I have a private Facebook Group specifically for program clients only. A very small community of everyone in the program so we can all help each other throughout. Each week I will go LIVE to answer any looming questions or concerns. You can even join the call so we can interact. 
A New Lifestyle
This is NOT a diet or  quick fix. This is a lifestyle change. Healing the gut takes time.  Throughout the 6 weeks will learn what it takes to achive tota holistic health and be able to access this program for the rest of your life! Whenever you feel off track or need a refresher, you can come back to the foundation of the program to continue your healing journey. Additional support after the program will be an option if desired. 
What will I learn?
Anytime you begin a program, prepping is the most important part. The bonus lesson will get you started on the right food and get your house ready for the first lesson. 
Understanding food quality and organic food is a pivotal part in healing digestion. Following along with my easy shopping guides and money saving tips will make the adjustment a breeze. Most clients feel good after only 1 week of this module. 
Toxic Triggers wreck havoc on the digestive system and keep it in an inflammatory state. With my 4-step protocol to remove these triggers, you'll be feeling your best very soon. 
Beyond toxic triggers there are environmental toxins. Our digestive system is simply not equipped to handle these. My non-toxic guide will help you clean your home and beauty routine to keep the stress off your body. 
Ever heard of the "brain-gut" connection? Stress and anxiety play a part in healing digestive distress too. My self-care series and tips for reducing anxiety will be the missing link in your health quest.
Because I've been there. Alone and overwhelmed, thinking, this cannot be the end for me. I cannot live my life feeling this way everyday. Once I began down this path, I haven't looked back. These are the tools needed to give you the life you deserve. I created this program because I want you to experience the same BREAKTHROUGH that my current clients and I have had. You can feel freedom. 
Check out Paige when she was half-way through the program...
“I am only beginning week 3 of the 6 week program, and I already notice important changes with my body and everyday life! I am falling to sleep easily and getting well rested sleep throughout the night regularly. I had been experiencing acne, but since I started the program I noticed a major difference in my skin. I also have more energy when I exercise throughout the week. Looking forward to the rest of this experience!”
...and at the end of the program.
When I first started this program, I was experiencing bloating, gas, excessive belching with chest pain, stress, anxiety, and acne. Now I am into week 6 of the program, and have noticed that all of these symptoms have either disappeared or have significantly decreased. Pretty amazing!
-Paige Bassano

Reserve your spot below and let the healing begin!
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